Jaden Smith Nails the Little Things


Of all of Coco Chanel’s sage fashion advice, the one piece she’s alleged to have given that really sticks is: “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off.” It is obvious the late legendary fashion designer never had the good fortune to lay eyes on Jaden Smith’s Big Fit of the Day.

Each and every accessory and flourish that comprises the look Smith wore to the premiere of Gemini Man feels calibrated for maximum effect. It’s a recipe that would be off if even a single ingredient were missing. The highlighter-orange hairdo perfectly matches the Sharpie-trademarked shade socks. Smith’s grills glimmer the same vaguely purple-ish color as his chain-link necklace and string of pearls—the same sorbet-swirl of the neckerchief. Here, Smith offers glorious proof that an all-black fit has the potential to be far from boring.

Jaden Smith Nails the Little Things
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