Your Best Outfit Still Starts With Black Pants


While every style rule ever established has been blowtorched over the last few years, there are still some old tricks that work just as well as ever. For example: You’re still going to wear the heck out of some black pants. They’re still going to look respectable—but also, you know, cool!—and make you feel like you put in some effort, even though they are impossible to wear in an unflattering way. Instead of cutting off your circulation, today they’re looser, easier, breezier, pleated to please whatever summer body (or fall or winter one) you happen to be working with. Get wavy with your shoes, bare your entire chest, rainbow-dye your dome. At the end of the day you’re still doing what you’ve always done and what the generations before you did too. You’re still wearing the heck out of some black pants because they are eternally, irrevocably good. Also: Don’t let the color fool you, this breezy generation of the staple was practically made for hot weather. Yep, black pants are still here, and they’re better than ever.