The Rewired Trading Company was established in 2017 to address a growing need to find new disruptive ways to increase revenues for media service providers and content producer broadcasters. Working in partnership with them we create and build exciting fresh brands, that harness that vision, whilst providing the support and infrastructure to develop and nurture a strong direct consumer relationship with each brand.

Our strategy is to build a portfolio of brands that deliver value to all those involved. This is achieved through our continuous investment in people, our platforms and our partnerships.

Our experienced team specialises in all critical areas of delivering success for brands.

Our passion is supporting from concept to final execution whilst building sustainable brands across all possible platforms.

Rewired is also able to help the Brands it works with secure financial support for the business, through debt or equity funding.

Rewired brands in the news

Rewired has a senior management team boasting over 100 years of experience and a proven track record of delivering, following successes with brands such as Pretty Green, Lucky Seven, Anyware Kids, Four Fifteen.AM & Rewired Clothing